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Who's Writing YOUR Story?

Posted On: Oct 04, 2023

   Who's writing YOUR story? We all love to read and to listen so we can peek inside another's world, but who's writing your story?  Memories fade and knowledge disappears in just two generations if we don't record our experiences as a legacy for others.

   From the smallest and craziest family traditions to the history behind the family heirloom - or family feud! - it all combines to make us who we are.  And more importantly, it  influences who the next generation will become.

   Much of what you read in this space is exactly that - my story.  And if I could magically impart just one lasting thought as you leave this site, it is that your stories are important, too.  Write them down. Share them with others. Revel in the retelling.

   People often reach out to me in frustration because the idea of capturing a story is overwhelming. There are too many details, too many events, too many tests of memory and semantics.  My guidance? It isn't as important to begin at the beginning at it is simply to begin.  In that way it's a lot like  that old joke: How do you eat an elephant? The answer of course is that you do it one bite at a time!

   If you'd like some help in getting started, I'd love to talk with you; leave a comment for contact.  Whether you've never scribbled a line in a crisp new journal or whether you are already visualizing your first book signing, we are connected and I would love to meet you here.

   If your group or organization would like to do a workshop, I can offer you some fresh inspiration on ways to capture your own story for generations to enjoy.  I will  also share  observations on what others are doing - on paper and electronically - to make sure their stories get heard.

   Who's writing your story?  There is no one better equipped to tell it than you!  MK

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